Monday, August 10, 2009

The Way Other People See Him

This past week we were on a short five-day vacation at the beach and experienced three extreme incidents of rudeness and ignorance toward Jordan. The first was when I "talked back" to people staring at Jordan and was told to "go to hell," as if I were in the wrong. Second, a man tried to give Jordan $5, I guess because he's a charity case. Third, a woman with a cross around her neck told Jordan, "BE HEALED." I told him:

You are perfect as you are. Nothing about you needs to be healed.

Most of the world sees him as someone to be gawked at, given charity, in need of healing. But this is how I see him:






Can anyone else see this??


Lyn said...

Holy crap! Can't you see that Jordan is a goldmine? Religious freaks, guilt-ridden whities, etc. -- he's a cash cow! ;) No, but it's very cool to see him jammin' in the waves, AYWS. I hope you have him swimming, too.

Mike Dorn said...

Hey Danielle - so glad to to see that you are posting the next Carnival. I am going to follow you in Google Reader so I'll be sure not to miss it.

Thanks for the photos, and the stories. Sharing war stories is so important, as well as recognizing each and every accomplishment!

Perhaps we can meet up again at a Disability Studies event.

Mike D.