Thursday, September 08, 2005


Our vacation was soo nice! Jordan had so much fun playing with his beach toys, riding in his little boat in the pool, and playing in his little pool on the beach, although Dada kind of got on his nerves when they were building sandcastles. Mike did all the work, and Jordan just sat there frowning and whining a little bit. But he loved the water and eating the sand. At one point, he crawled really fast after a seagull. An older woman gave me a mean look when I let Jordan crawl toward the water like that. I was hoping she would say something to me about it. I was all set with this speech about if you knew how much we've been through in the past year, you'd know that I know how to take care of him! And to me, part of that is letting him have adventures and explore as much as he can while making sure he isn't in any real danger. Ha.

Also on our vacation, we ate tons of food, including seafood buffets two nights, and lots of boardwalk food like ice cream and pizza. He loved riding on the tram car thing on the boardwalk and going on the carousel. He especially loved being photographed as a cowboy in a bathtub! He loves staring at this photo, and he even kisses the photo!! Mike says that Jordan is being narcisstic when he stares at it, but I like to think that he's just remembering how much fun our vacation was!