Sunday, July 12, 2009

5 Years Ago Tonight

5 years ago tonight, my beautiful boy was born.

5 years ago tonight, the nurses gasped and the doctor grew distant and silent. Someone muttered, "There's something wrong with his legs." I shouted, "What's wrong with him?" but everyone had their backs to me.

5 years ago tonight, my husband looked at our baby for the first time and thought, "He's going to be a champion!"

5 years ago tonight, my husband held our baby and smiled for the cameras as the doctor told me: "Mental retardation, heart problems, and die before age 1."

5 years ago tonight, my mom would not leave the hospital until we decided on a name. I knew she didn't want him to die without a name. We named him Jordan.

5 years ago tonight, after all the parents, in-laws, and brothers were gone, after I was passed out from the morphine, my husband took our new baby into the hospital room and in the dark uncovered his legs, crying with worry but also trusting in God.

5 years ago tonight, our lives changed in the most profound way as we started on our journey with the most wonderful little boy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JORDAN! We are privileged to have you in our lives and are so, so proud of you.