Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Theme for April Disability Blog Carnival: BALANCE

I'm proud to be hosting Disability Blog Carnival #65 for April. The theme is balance. How do you find balance in your life--with your family, job, school, home, time for yourself? What works for you and what doesn’t? How do you feel when you are in balance? How do you feel when you aren't?

You can also think of this as literal balance, such as how I am so clumsy yet my son using crutches rarely falls down. Penny Richards from Disability Studies, Temple U. says that she sees balance as a caregiver issue, too. She says she exercises not for strength but to increase balance. She knows that when carrying her son, she "just can't afford to fall. Ever, not even once."

Submissions are due April 19, and I'll post the carnival on April 22. Leave your link as a comment here, email it to me, or send it to Penny. I look forward to receiving lots of great posts, so please participate!!!