Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On Strike

Today I'm taking a break from anything medical related. No calls for appointments or insurance authorizations. Yesterday I was caught in an insane circle of phone calls about getting a medication covered for Jordan and also getting his orthotics covered. I hung up on two different people after cursing at both of them. I hate how I feel after I do that, but I get so riled up, thinking about protecting my son and getting the best for him. To have to do all this, to fight for things that he so obviously needs, that follow THEIR rules of "medically necessary," oh, it just drives me nuts. I "won" these battles, though, because both things are finally approved. I need a break from this fighting all the time. I am going on strike for the day. Ha.

Here are Jordan and his daddy after his daddy won a Curious George for him at the fair.

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